Alba garden offer studio apartment within Kilimani Nairobi Kenya,generally Studio is a self-contained space that houses everything in a single room with a separate bathroom. With studio you will save money, get more efficient and environmentally-friendly lifestyle. You’ll use less energy, cleaning products, water, and overall day-to-day resources living in a studio apartment

Unit Detail

Spaces for luxury living

Experience the epitome of luxury living in our meticulously crafted studio apartments at Alba Garden. Designed with sophistication and style in mind, our studio apartments offer a refined living experience that exceeds expectations.

Step into a world of elegance as you enter our thoughtfully designed studio apartments. Every detail, from the high-end finishes to the carefully curated furnishings, reflects our commitment to luxury living.

Our studio apartments boast spacious layouts that maximize both comfort and functionality. With clever storage solutions and modern amenities seamlessly integrated throughout, you’ll find everything you need for effortless living.